After seeing the budget numbers (again) this week - and their message that art is not essential to a thriving world - Taryn and I have decided to extend the deadline for ART IS MATTER until June 21st... the summer solstice. We AIM to create an anthology that touches on the unquantifiable ways art impacts individuals - and by extension - communities and countries. Please share this call for personal essays (1-3K) about a singular experience with art that changed the way you perceive or exist on this planet. We are particularly interested in essays dealing with theater and the fine arts... although all arts are welcome, as are writers from any and all backgrounds. We are going wide and deep with this call. Thank you for contributing and sharing! We will be making decisions in early July. The work we have seen so far has heartened us. So much so that we are considering continuing with the project beyond a single anthology. Stay tuned. Art does matter. Is matter. Thank you!     -Taryn and Kirsten